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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Hello! This cheery little blog exists to act as a sketchbook (or sketchblog, as I've bastardized the term) for the module NM3216- Gaming Culture I. Before I get on with the topic of the week, let me indulge myself in a little introduction. After all, what's a blog without some rambling, semi-coherent material?

I belong to a generation that's grown up playing videogames. Videogames have become so pervasive that the very word 'games,' normally a broad term that encompasses a wide range of activities- be they physical or intellectual- is now commonly understood by my generation to refer to videogames. Or computer games. Or "interactive entertainment." Whatever you like to call them. Videogames inform the lives of us 'gamers' much in the same way as music and movies informed the lives of previous generations. They've certainly done a number on me. I couldn't imagine living in a world without 'em. Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to create 'em. Which brings me here, to this module and to this blog. I do hope my postings here will be of some interest.

A brief note about the title of this blog. It's a rather horrible pun that refers to one of my very favourite videogames- a sadly little-known 1995 French classic called Little Big Adventure (published in America under the more rugged title of Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure). The brainchild of designer Frederick Raynal (who's most famous work is Alone in the Dark), Little Big Adventure is arguably a masterpiece of game design. The game was driven by it's compelling and well-paced narrative, featured a novel and innovative control system and was set in one of the most unique and intriguing game-worlds ever created. But the real reason I love this game is because of it's ability to draw real emotion from me and make me FEEL for the characters- something that few games have done.

Well then! That's enough introductory material for one post.


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